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Description : Spamfighter
"If you are looking for a tool to remove spam from your inbox, look no further. Spamfighter is the tool you are looking for. Simple, reliable, and efficient. Spamfighter is using the power of 1.7 million people that instantly report if they receive a spam mail. When several people have reported the same spam mail, it's automatically filtered for the rest of the Spamfighters. In this way very few people will ever see the spam mail. On top of that a lot of spam is filtered before it ever hits the community. But how we do that we will keep for ourself, the spammers would love to find out how we do it. So if you use Spamfighter you will instantly stop receiving spam and if you by chance get one, have the good feeling of reporting it and remove it from all other Spamfighters with one single click. Spamfighter is available in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Suomi, and Danish.
Version 4.8.4 includes Help/FAQ in Japanese and Bulgarian and improves support for IMAP accounts."
October 7, 2006  
Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
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user's review for Spamfighter 4.8.4
SPAMfighter is a anti-spam and phishing tool for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. Whenever new mail arrives, it will automatically be tested by the SPAMfighter server and if it's spam, it will be moved to your spam folder. - By Susan
The free version worked great for a couple of weeks. any spam that gets through, one click blocks it, moves it to the spam folder, and updates the SpamFighter Database to help filtering. - By Smgenie
Works great! You can help SpamFighter by blocking unwanted mail, which will be investigated by them for future updates of the database that contains all charcteristics of the (b)ad guys - By Glenn
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