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Free TimeSheet Calculator 3.51 Download

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Description : TimeSheet Calculator
" TimeSheet Calculator consists of a pair of utilities that calculate time. The first is a time calculator that allows you to add or subtract hours, minutes, and seconds. There's no need to convert minutes to decimals, perform the calculation, then convert the result back to minutes. With the time calculator, you just enter your hours and minutes, and the rest is done for you. Data entered can be checked in a register tape window."
" The second tool is for employees who maintain time sheets every day. Using a built-in punch clock, you enter the times that you start and finish work. TimeSheet maintains a grand total of the hours you're clocked in. It calculates your pay rate with a customized overtime formula. TimeSheet then calculates your regular salary, overtime earnings, and total earnings. Printing of the current time sheet is also available. Version 3.51 added ability to save and load time sheets and optional comment fields to time sheets.".
Free to try; $35.00 to buy
June 28, 2006  
Andrew Pecak
Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Download TimeSheet Calculator 3.51
user's review for TimeSheet Calculator 3.51
I've been using TimeSheet Calculator for several months now. The program calculates the hours they worked, any overtime they have earned and lets me print the time sheet for my files - By Soni
TimeSheet Calculator 3.51 program is great and very easy to use. I can add up my employees time sheets in a fraction of the time it took me to do it by hand before. I just enter my employees pay rate and the hours they work. - By Pitts
The program calculates your payrate, including a customizable overtime formula. It then calculates your regular salary, overtime earnings and total earnings. Printing of the current time sheet is also available. - By Grata
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