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Description : TVUPlayer
The TVUPlayer 2.3 is the software for seeing television transmutations live on the computer system. This software is related with TVU networks which works on P2P technology for broadcasting TV program directly live from the Web. This supports Internet Explorer 6 and windows versions XP and 2000. The service of the TVUPlayer is based on several patent-pending expertises, efficient digital rights organization, covering high-quality video coding and well-managed concurrent P2P distribution..
March 16, 2007  
TVU Networks
Windows 2000/XP, Internet Explorer 6
Download TVUPlayer 2.3
user's review for TVUPlayer 2.3
TVUPlayer 2.3 is best software. To use this software you can watch live TV broadcasts on your PC. TVU networks uses P2P technology to broadcast TV programs live over the Web. I like it very much. - By George
This is the most excellent p2p broadcasting software constantly. You can use TVU Broadcasting to televise TV Channels to TVU Player and Video. I highly recommended this software to anyone. - By Denial
This is an awesome software man. It has simple interface. It gives you selection among channel selection and vision modes, volume control. This is the best. I love it very much. - By Brain
It is one of the great player men. I extremely love this program. This program has no spyware or adware at all. I like this very much and this is the best player for me. - By Tery
I love this game. It is the player that I used. I am extremely glad to say about this best player software because now I can happily watch live TV broadcasts on your personal computer. - By Gladstone
I have got really very amazing quality of sound and video after the time I have installed the TVUPlayer 2.3 software. It was very easy to install and also very simple in operate for one can use it without any problem. - By Kathleen
This is the only software which gives this type of service on pc. I canít leave without tv and from the time I have installed this software in my pc I have got a big number of new channels and other programs. I am truly very pleased with it. - By Gorden
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