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Description : Yahoo! Widget Engine
Yahoo! Widget Engine 4.5.1 and the Widget Channel frameworks together put forward a different level of application functionality as of from the Widget Channel API. It is a JavaScript runtime coded engine that makes the user capable of running little files called as Widgets. With the help of WiFi signal strength, the user will be able to fetch the current updates for the required graphical logos.

The Yahoo! Widget Engine 4.5.1 provides an entry-level structural work for its processing on the TV Widgets as constrained with the hardware capabilities of prominent integrated Digital TVs. The Widget Development Kit (WDK) is easily made available for the developers, producers, promoters and content publishers, by providing them the tools needed for the creation of exciting and appealing TV Widget experiences.

“Widgets” here were simply developed with an idea of designing the Windows desktop and adding new functions in it. Being a part of Windows this decorative application comes with applications that have a nice visual environment and some of them has a new collection of functions to make it strong in all the ways of it usage for the users.

Features of Yahoo! Widget Engine 4.5.1:
Creating TV Widgets as an easier task with the Widget Development Kit:
By means of Widget Development Kit (WDK), the developers and publishers are quickly capable to create and arrange TV Widgets, by leveraging a wealthy collection of user interfaces which is called as the Widget Channel API.

Save time with live updates right on your desktop:
* Your favorite information comes to you easily.
* There is no need to surf for what you use the most.

Convenient at-a-glance view keeps your Widgets in line:
* The user can have all the personalized updates at one place.
* The application neatly organizes the Widgets all along with any of the edge on desktop.

Choose from more than 4,000 Widgets that make it all yours:
* The Widgets of the software are available anywhere online with more than 4,000 and is growing fast!
* There are widgets for Weather, web cams, games, radio, calendars, scoreboards, mood rings and many more!

1. It gives a absolute environment for a proprietary widgets engine.
2. It is a cross-platform resolution as Yahoo! Widgets is accessible for the Windows users as well.

1. Dock is annoying sometimes when drag around the desktop.

What makes Yahoo! Widget Engine 4.5.1 different from other script coding applications of same category? The reason is that it provides a complete benefit for recent advanced graphics. This allows the Widget Engine to mix easily into your desktop devoid of any restriction for the traditional window borders. The set-up for these elongated Widgets is totally unlock and easy to learn as of for the tutorial, by creating your own Widgets.

The Yahoo! Widgets 4.5.1 version develops its own widget system, so that the user can easily run it on Mac widgets. It is completely bundled with an installation package, as you can download more stuff from Yahoo! Widgets Web page. This application consists of a well-developed ‘Dock’ menu, where the customer can locate am differently installed widgets and this Dock can be closed. The only object that will remain open is its Yahoo! Widgets menu and all the currently processed widgets.

With the help of this software the user can use the widgets by balancing it around the PC Desktop and use them into an environment that feels like the most capable Mac OS X Dashboard. This internal feature is known as 'Heads Up Display'. Using Yahoo! Widget Engine 4.5.1 the user is able to able run on the widgets that can be alike as alarm clocks, calculators which will gather on the latest stock quote updates for your preferred symbols, and can tell you the WiFi signal strength of your PC and even give you news for the current local weather all over the world..
July 15, 2010  
Yahoo! Inc
Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64
Download Yahoo! Widget Engine 4.5.1
user's review for Yahoo! Widget Engine 4.5.1
This new release for desktop management has been awarded with an expanded Security Block which detects the threats and spy-ware from your PC. - By John
Yahoo! Widget Engine 4.5.1 is a powerful engine to struggle by way of it’s built in engine. The software is absolutely best for the desktop publishers. - By Anderson
The software version 4.5 is completely enforced with a Widget that has a minimum the space of desktop. It allows the user to identify the required things from the Widgets which might have to access, such as a file system, http, etc. - By Tine
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