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Free Zoom Player 5.5 Beta 1 Download

Zoom Player 5.5 Beta 1 Software Visited 7025 Times
Description : Zoom Player
The Zoom Player 5.5 Beta 1 is very quick media player software. It is an excellent tool for playing all media files on the PC. Before this player has come playing any file of media on computer system was either very basic and without any facility or with very complicated functions and hard utilities. The Zoom Player software has removed both problem and start to provide the entire interfaces and tools which are need able for manipulating the playback surroundings with the perfect specification. This is really amazing song and video playing software..
October 19, 2007  
Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/XP64/Vista64
Download Zoom Player 5.5 Beta 1
user's review for Zoom Player 5.5 Beta 1
Zoom Player 5.5 Beta 1 is rocking man. It looks great and it has lots of function which are very very useful to user. It's simple and very easy to run. I always use this player for watching movie. - By Lusi
This is magnificent player. This player lay every audio and video format out there. The interface of this software is really great. I think this is one of the best player than any other players. - By Kron
This is a great player man. There are outstanding picture quality, a lot of features, plays many formats and their is no pressure to upgrade. Zoom has a top excellence product for your video and audio. - By Donald
Zoom Player 5.5 Beta player its self looks great, very cool. I love the interface of this software. Zoom is an tremendous player that plays tons of audio file formats. Its also simple, uncomplicated, and it's skinnable too. - By Ricky
The Zoom Player 5.5 Beta 1 software is really very great. The clarity of sound and video I have got from this software was unable to find in any other software. Also it supports all latest interface in further. - By Michelle
This software is able to run with almost all versions of windows. It is really very great. I think it is the reason of this much popularity of this software. I like to suggest this software to all my friends who like to watch quality media. - By Sarra
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