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Autodesk 3ds Max 2008
The Autodesk 3ds Max 2008 is a leading 3D animation, modeling and rendering solution used by gamer producers, film and video artists, and design professionals. 3ds Max 2008 software delivers new view port technology and optimizations. This software gives you a smoother, artist-friendly modeling work..
FaceGen Modeller 3.2.6
FaceGen Modeller 3.2.6 makes realistic human faces in 3D, either at haphazard, or from photographs. It gives unique statistics-based technology, so you can make highly practical or caricatured faces at haphazard from whichever adult age group, race, and gender. You can also edit faces with over larg..
VizUp Reducer 3.0.7
The VizUp Reducer 3.0.7 is powerful software. It is commanding tool for optimizing and reducing 3D models. You can get to the most favorable balance between the essential details level and the size of 3D models. The user also can use this program to reduce the numeral of polygons for 3D models utili..
Alibre Design Xpress 9.2 SP1
Alibre Design Xpress delivers the features you require to get started with 3D design and tackle projects for your business or workshop. This software delivers you all the tools you require to appraise 3D CAD software for your business or to learn 3D modeling at your own pace. It's a rich and capable..
Showoff Home Design 1
Showoff Home Design 1 is a fun interactive website and home makeover software. It is functional 3D modeling software for outdoor living and landscape projects. Over 2,000 plant options are available, select from bulbs, tropical foliage, perennials, trees, annuals, shrubs, and cacti. The Showoff Home..
ActiveSolid 2.6.5
The ActiveSolid 2.6.5 is a 3D dimensioning and dual mode 3D modeling software with the ability of viewing ActiveX plugin and mark-up application. This is very fast, compact and powerful program with the facility of attaching with the Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office. This tool can stand on all..
Bryce 5.5
The Bryce 5.5 is the software for creating realistic 3D animations and sceneries. This software is having very easy and straightforward working interface which helps a lot to beginners in starting up and to professionals in creating them work more proficiently. This program supports most of all vers..
trueSpace 7.6
The trueSpace 7.6 software is a totally attributed 3D authoring package which will let you texture, animate, render, model and light 3D content. As like movies and customary images one can also make 3D content for Virtual Earth and online shared spaces by this software. This application is supported..
Nendo 1.5
The Nendo 1.5 is a full package software for painting and 3D modeling. With this software one can generate up-to-date 3D objects which can be use perfectly with print material, games, Web sites, architectural applications, visual simulations and model libraries. It is also having a very big assortme..
VariCAD 2008 3.04
The VariCAD 2008 3.04 is 2D and 3D CAD system software for designing. It is specially planned for mechanical engineering design. This program is containing tool for 2D dimensioning and drafting with 3D modeling facilities. One will get lots other features from this software such as calculations of s..
Electric Drive Train Simulator 2.60
The Electric Drive Train Simulator 2.60 is very simple yet very powerful software for making virtual test track. This development tool is very useful for designing robotic R/C type drive trains too. With this program you can select batteries, gear reduction, wheel diameter and motors for building tr..
FreeCAD 9
The FreeCAD 9 is 3D CAD software with all elementary features and highly developed motion simulation facilities. This software is having the ability of standing very smoothly and fairly with most of all versions of windows such as windows 2000, 98, 95, XP, NT and ME. You will get very easy to use in..
PolyTrans 3D Translation System 4.4
The PolyTrans 3D Translation System 4.4 is the software for the inclusive implementations of well famous DCC animation, CAD and VisSim 3D file formats. It is very accurate and totally reliable program for 3D data viewing, model manipulation and translation. This program is very perfect for movie stu..
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