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If you have a few contacts then you don’t require Address Book Software, but if your contacts run in hundreds then it is the time that you should install Address Book Software. Below is the list of lots of Address Book Software for you to chose. Address Book Software manages your contacts automatically. It is usually fun to use Address Book Software. You can easily customize the Address Book Software according to your needs. Address Book Software is not very costly, you will find many free Address Book Software and paid or shareware version of Address Book Software here. Before selecting any Address Book Software, you should understand the basic concept of Address Book Software. It is important that you should enter your contacts in correct format, in order to retrieve the output data correctly. Address Book Software sends emails to your contacts, create different customized labels, and output the different results which can be printed. Address Book Software also allows you create different groups according to your wish. You may have business groups, club groups etc. Some Address Book Software allows you to create fixed numbers of groups while some Address Book Software allows to create unlimited amount of groups. Find best Address Book Software with latest features from our list of Address Book Software below.

Rubrica 2.0.2
The Rubrica 2.0.2 is an address book manager for Gnome 2.x. This software requires GTK+ version 2.6.x. It allows you to add personal data, contact details; web links, email addresses, job and other details. The Rubrica stores his information in XML. The software can control multiple address books. T..
Open Contacts
The Open Contacts planned for contacts administration for corporations and people. It is a superior address book program for administrating contact data of persons and associations with affiliations. This address book software lets you to control and lookup contact information. The Open Co..
The ymDataTraveler permits you to simply carrying your e-mails and individual files wherever you go. This software coordinates your private information with your mobile tool; it also allows you to utilize them on any Windows personal computer. It administers and synchronizes Microsoft Outloo..
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