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With Anti Spam policy and the legislation, spam is the biggest problem of the internet. If you are a regular browser then you have to install anti spam software in order to protect your computer and the e mail box. There are many servers that install the anti spam software, so that their client need not have to worry. But still it is recommended that you should install at least one stand alone anti spam software or pug in which is also a form of anti spam software. Below is the list of some of the popular anti spam software which is ready for downloading. Working of anti spam software is different with the different types of anti spam software. Some anti spam software first download all the emails and then start sorting it and blocking the spam e mails. While other anti spam software kill the spam emails before downloading it in to recipient’s mail account. Usually this can be done by informing the mail client about the IP address of the spam senders. You will get free as well as paid anti spam software. Usually the cost of paid anti spam software is not very high but paid anti spam software has many features and supported by the particular anti spam software company. Find best Anti Spam Software with latest features from our list of Anti Spam Software below.

ParetoLogic Spam Controls
ParetoLogic Spam Controls is your first-class protection against unwanted email intrusion. This software is prepared to identify even the most complicated and evasive threats, including those composed in html, text, and graphics. This is a great utility that gives you the command of your inbox back ..
ASB AntiSpam 2.0
The ASB AntiSpam 2.0 is rapid and dependable software for managing, detecting and unwelcome bulk email before it arrives at your inbox. It works with any e-mail software. It also supports a limitless number of e-mail accounts. There is no requiring reconfiguring your e-mail software. The ASB AntiSpa..
Spam Eraser 1.0
The Spam Eraser 1.0 is simple to utilize and setup with extremely low risk of missing lawful e-mail. It is very precise anti-spam software, a dependable spam blocker to successfully prevent spam from going into your inbox while ensuring genuine e-mail is delivered. It will categorize inward e-mails ..
PC Tools Spam Monitor
Spam Monitor is simple to install and control, but behind the scenes is an outstanding spam filtering technology constantly protecting your Inbox. This software detects and mark spam messages before they reach you. It provides you with an additional level of protection against viral and other infect..
Ninja Email Security
Ninja Email Security is a new, third generation, policy-based messaging security structure that provides you as a system admin with a simple to use weapon to put into effect email security polices with an iron fist. Ninja guard your network against, phishing, viruses, spam and other messaging securi..
BullGuard Spamfilter
The BullGuard Spamfilter protects you from spam and phishing attempts. It protects your inbox from unnecessary e-mail with a database incessantly updated with input from users worldwide. It’s E-mail blocking features allow users to ban individual email addresses or complete domains. It integrates co..
CA Anti-Spam Plus CA Website Inspector 2008
CA Anti-Spam Plus CA Website Inspector offer efficient, comprehensible protection against unwanted spam and fraudulent phishing attacks. It keeps your wanted email in your inbox and spam in the spambox, where it belongs. This software helps Prevent Phishing Attacks and Email Fraud by verifying the a..
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