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There are much Audio software which are mentioned below. Depending upon your expertise level you can select the Audio software. You will find some Audio software which are designed only for the intermediate to experts users, while you will also find some Audio software which are designed for beginners. It is always worthwhile to select the particular Audio software according to your present expertise to avoid the disappointment afterwards. Also be clear about your requirements or your expectation from the Audio software. If you want Audio software that records your or your friend’s voice in the format which can be streamed afterwards then you has to select such Audio software. It is also possible to customize the panels and other such features of Audio software. As usual there are both free and the paid version is available for Audio software. But if you want more professional results and faster work then it is best to consider the paid version. But before buying the paid version make sure that the particular Audio software you are about to buy fulfill all your requirements. You may try the trial version of the Audio software and see how easy the particular Audio software is. Find best Audio software with latest features from our list of Audio software below.

iTunes 6.0
The iTunes is the digital-jukebox software. This is an award winning software available for windows and Mac both. The iTunes Music Store presents the same online music store for Windows users which is most lovable by the Mac users with the same personal-use rights, same pricing of 99 cents per song ..
QuickTime 7.0.2
Like to take a magic carpet ride? Just launch QuickTime Player, and there?s no telling where you?re likely to land. The Player may whisk you to Tibet or other exotic locations. Take you on a virtual field trip to the National Museum of the American Indian. Or treat you to the latest news, movie trai..
JetAudio Basic
The JetAudio Basic is the incorporated multimedia software specially made for a single squashed rack. With playing different video and music files this software is able to burn CD, converse with other file formats and record. This software also gives the facility of generating internet broadcast by ..
Windows Media Player 10
The Windows Media Player 10 software is specially designed for doing the task like downloading, playing, organizing and discovering digital media, recorded TV, pictures, music and videos. From a choice of leading online stores and services browse the first Digital Media Mall for download, sample and..
Windows Media Player 9.0
The Windows Media Player 9.0 software is specially made for Mac OS X. This software is having very gorgeous and novel brushed steel skin for Apple's most recent operating system. This program is able to open the globe of Windows Media 9 content for Macintosh users. It also let them access for the mo..
Windows Media Player (Classic) 7.1
Windows Media Player 7.1 (for Mac 8.1 and higher) opens up a whole new world to Mac users, enabling you to hear and see the thousands of hours of Windows Media-formatted content out on the Web. With full support for the latest Windows Media technologies, Windows Media Player delivers CD-quality audi..
VLC Media Player 0.8.4a
VLC (initially VideoLAN Client) is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, MP3, and OGG, as well as for DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. It also can be used as a server for unicast or multicast streams in IPv4 or IP..
JetAudio Basic 6.2.6
The JetAudio Basic 6.2.6 is the included multimedia software which is made for a single compact rack. This program is able to play assorted video and music files. Also one can converse and record different file formats and play all main file formats like video, audio CD tracks, MIDIm, AVI, WMA, MP3P..
Focus MP3 Recorder Pro 3.4
The Focus Mp3 Recorder Pro 3.4 is the software for recording sound. This program supports all windows and also four different formats like WMA, WAV, OGG and MP3 for presenting superior excellence of recording. With the sound recording one can also use this utility as a splitter, burner, joiner, edit..
Winamp 5.21
The Winamp 5.21 software is having lots of novel aspects with headlining many improvements feature like latest convenient media player plug-in which is able to synchronize local media like ipod. It is original and Microsoft plays it for sure devices. You just have to put one step in to the media lib..
VLC Media Player 0.8.5
The VLC Media Player 0.8.5 is the extremely convenient multimedia player software which is able to work with different video and audio formats. This software is also capable for working with MPEG-4, OGG, DivX, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MP3. Also various streaming protocols, DVDs and VCDs can be matched wit..
WavePad 3.01
WavePad is a sound editor for Windows that lets you make and edit voice and other audio recordings. You can cut, copy, and paste parts of recordings and, if required, add effects such as echo, amplification, and noise reduction., Version 3.01 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fix..
AV MP3 Player Morpher 3.0.14
"AV MP3 Player Morpher is the only MP3 Player that can play & change music in real-time. In addition to playing mp3 music perfectly like other MP3 players, this versatile MP3 Player allows you to apply powerful audio effects to songs or tracks, just with one click. Its real-time effects include Sing..
AV Music Morpher 3.0.32
AV Music Morpher is versatile audio editor software for home audio recording studio, including a music jukebox to play popular audio files and an audio editor module to cut, paste, edit tracks. Morpher module is the only audio player that can morph/change music in real-time with robot voice, voice L..
Mediaraptor allows you to record a millions of MP3s from various web radios and music videos shops online. There is no need to have P2P file sharing networks. The Mediaraptor is the one solution to have a complete targeting and recording of music at the turbo speed from its soc..
musikCube 1.0
musikCube 1.0 is excellent Music & MP3 Player software with a great song library. It permits you to access all your music files through a database interface. musikCube 1.0 has lots of tremendous features like that dynamic playlists support, customizable hot keys, clean and intuitive user interface, ..
Reaktor 5.1.2
The Reaktor 5.1.2 fuses every audio application into single. It is very multitalented and commanding software. The musical group, sound designers, and makers are every catered to by the incredibly wide range of tools and sound already integrated. The Reaktor core technology is permitting low stage, ..
Battery 3
The Battery 3 is the expert standard for percussion and drums. The newest version of the highly praised to drum sampler combines wide files with functionality and effortlessness. It has been streamlined intend for quick and instinctive manage; make ideal percussion and drums all time. The Battery 3 ..
Quintessential Player 4.51
The Quintessential Player 4.51 is a quality prosperous media player for Microsoft Windows. This software supports every accepted audio format containing Ogg Vorbis, WMA, CDs, and MP3. It does CD encoding & ripping, spotless and label each your audio files, and streams Internet radio. The Quintessent..
Absynth 4.0.1
The Absynth 4.0.1 is an influential tool combining fusion with sampling. It has obviously planned user-interface and new powerful features. It brings flexibility and effortlessness to the making of complicated and fascinating sounds. The Absynth 4.0.1 is prize winning synthesizer continues to constr..
Live 7.0.5
The Live 7.0.5 provides an instinctive interface and powerful features for remixing and recording. It is the single solution planned for every phase of the melodic procedure, from making to making to performance. This software is translucent, instinctive and receptive, cheering, and capturing motiva..
Intakt 1.0.3
The Intakt 1.0.3 is a high-tech sampler specially planned for rhythmic ring playback and mayhem. The software is an audio tool that made ring harmonization with folder browser. It expedient single screen interface features marvelous noise determining capabilities without upsetting the original flow...
MIDI Eddie 1.1.3
The MIDI Eddie 1.1.3 player has support for Roland GS, GM, Yamaha XG, and GM2 sound puts. It creates your Midi files sound improved transpose, silent tools, choose additional noises, regulate volume stages etc. It is utilizing only the universal GM sounds, users can choose difference tones if their ..
Winamp 5.531
The Winamp 5.531 is great multimedia software made by Nullsoft. It is a user-friendly, quick, flexible video and audio player for windows operating systems. This software supports CD, WAV, MP3, and additional audio formats. The Winamp 5.531 also plays streamed audio & video content, both recorded an..
Desktop Guitarist 2.0
The Desktop Guitarist 2.0 is completely functional and popular guitar software. This guitar software allows you simply create tablature, MIDI, and chord diagrams library. It also lets you to study melodies by doubling the on screen guitar as it plays. The Desktop Guitarist 2.0 has a lot of play back..
FL Studio 8
The FL Studio 8 is a digital audio workspace for windows personal computers with filled powerful features. It is the most absolute virtual studio presently obtainable. No additional software is necessary to create whichever style of music, as the total set of tool and studio instruments is incorpora..
Windows Media Encoder 9
The Windows Media Encoder 9 is commanding software. This software used for content makers who desire to capture video & audio content utilizing the lots of modernisms in windows media, containing good excellence multi canal sound and good definition video excellence. It also supports for varied mode..
Cole2k Media Codec Pack Advanced 6.1.0
The Cole2k Media Codec Pack Advanced 6.1.0 is powerful audio utility. It is chiefly for universal utilize, it features a big figure of playback codec's & a little figure of encoding codec's should you desire to encode a library. This software will allow you to playback most main formats presently ob..
DFX Audio Enhancer for Winamp 8.36
The DFX Audio Enhancer for Winamp 8.36 provides digital music library more vibrancy. It improves your song listening familiarity by get better the noise excellence of windows media, Internet radio, MP3, and additional song library. You can change the noise of your personal computer into that of a lu..
MiniLyrics 5.7.3418
The MiniLyrics 5.7.3418 is powerful software that assists you sight the lyrics of your preferred songs. It is an interesting lyrics viewer for displaying & synchronizing lyrics of the presently playing song in windows media player, winamp 5.X, foobar2000, winamp 2.0/3.0, itunes, quintessenial player..
DFX Audio Enhancer for Windows Media Player 8.36
The DFX Audio Enhancer for Windows Media Player 8.36 is an improvement for the abusers of Windows Media Player. You will be lastly capable to familiarity right high dependability by utilizing DFX. It improves your song listening familiarity by enhancement the noise excellence of Windows Media, Inter..
DFX Audio Enhancer for RealPlayer 8.36
The DFX Audio Enhancer for RealPlayer 8.36 gives digital music library extra liveliness with DFX audio improvement. This audio enhancer software increases your melody eavesdropping know-how by enhancing the reverberation excellence of WM, MP3, Internet radio and another music library. The DFX Audio ..
CD and DVD Label Maker 3.81
The CD and DVD Label Maker 3.81 is the great software for making, printing labels, and add for DVDs & CDs. You can generate your personal expert DVD & CD gemstone cases and DVD & CD labels in immediately. You can simply create front and rear CD gemstone casing covers with side backbones, compact dis..
Vocal Remover (Winamp) 1.03
The Vocal Remover (Winamp) 1.03 is powerful and great audio plugins and utilities software. This software performs on the similar principles that hardware removers do. In most examples vocals are evenly varied in both channels and can be known and detached by only altering the stage on single channe..
Sony ACID XPress 5.0
ACID XPress software is great music creation tool. You can make your personal original music using a pick, paint and play interface. It's the most enjoyable you'll ever have creating music. The program is as simple as picking some loops, painting them into a track and playing your music back. With A..
Windows Essentials Media Codec Pack 1
Windows Essentials Codec Pack is a great collection of audio and video DirectShow codecs and filters. With this software you should be able to play 99% of all movies and music files that you download off the internet. This software is designed as a comprehensible near absolute solution for all your ..
Mobile Music Polyphonic 3.1
The Mobile Music Polyphonic 3.1 is a polyphonic ring tones composer and converter. It permits you to convert mmf, mp3, rmvb, wma, mpeg, midi, wave, avi, rm, wmv, to a mobile phone polyphonic ring tone formats. You can also translate mp3 to mmf, wave to amr, midi to mmf, wave to mmf, midi to sp-midi ..
Storm 3.0
Storm 3.0 is music creation software, which precisely imitates the universe of a real recording studio. You can decide the virtual instruments such as analog synthesizers, scratch decks, sample sequencers, and drum machines. Drag and drop and in a small number of seconds your studio is prepared: no ..
Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer 2.471b
The Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer 2.471b is the software with the ability of combining CDs, WMAs, MP3s and WAVs. One can also set volume fades, record your own audio and pans via a straightforward graphical edge. This program supports all windows without any trouble. The Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer can do..
Pulse Master 5.3
The Pulse Master 5.3 software can make big change in the music tempo without upsetting the pitch of the music. It can also revolutionize the playback ratings and the music speed. This software is also having the ability of recording the modified audio. With the Pulse Master software, one can also ma..
Screwlab Pro 1.0
The Screwlab Pro 1.0 software is developed for recording and slowing down the playback of WAV and MP3 files. One can play the chop songs in MP3 set-up via this program. This software is also able to accelerate the song playback in just one touch of a button. The shout outs on the remixes is also pos..
CoCSoft Stream Down 6.4.1
The CoCSoft Stream Down 6.4 is the software for downloading streaming media. It supports HTTP and FTP downloads. It can also stand very easily with downloads like MMST, MMSU, RTSP and MMS. This software will give you ability of playing the media while you are offline. For this ability the CoCSoft St..
DFX Audio Enhancer for Musicmatch Jukebox 8.501
The DFX Audio Enhancer for Musicmatch Jukebox 8.501 is the software for providing more vibrancy to the digital music files. This application improves the quality of sound for MP3s, windows media, internet radio and all other music files. One can easily add 3D surround sound, renew stereo depth, rest..
AnalogX SayIt 2.03
The AnalogX SayIt 2.03 software is stimulated by the old Speak and Spell toy. It is having ability of reading any phrase or word which is typed in it. You just have to type and set the sliders to the suitable settings. After doing this every thing just, a need of clicking the render button for gener..
Hip Hop Starz Producer 1.3.1
The Hip Hop Starz Producer 1.3.1 is the software for producing music sound. It is specially designed for beginners. This software can also be very useful to all the intermediate people in further. With this program one can easily generate songs on the pc by using a simple drag and drop interface of ..
Quick-Burn 1.2.587
The Quick-Burn 1.2.587 is the program for writing CDs. It is very straightforward software but having very influential aspects and amenities. With this software one can easily write audio CDs from both MP3 and WAV files. The Quick-Burn tool supports all the versions of windows like XP, 2000, 98, 95,..
Music Mixer 4.0.3
The Music Mixer 4.0.3 is the software for generating music and sounds. It is having all the crucial tools which are require for it. This software is also able to mix and edit compound tracks and produce eminence recordings. This application supports the entire windows platform like Vista, XP, 2000, ..
FrameServer 2.5
The FrameServer 2.5 is plugin software for AudioServing, FrameServing and Image Sequence exporting by the enabled Non-linear editing systems of this software. This software is able to send video and audio data from NLE to a new application without doing a full render. This program is having the skil..
AmazingMIDI 1.70
The AmazingMIDI 1.70 software is providing the facility of automatically copying music by changing WAV files into MIDI files. This software can handle polyphonic and monophonic music both very easily. This is really very influential program having the skills of doing transcription music, generating ..
NoteWorthy Composer 2.0
The NoteWorthy Composer 2.0 is the notation processor software for composing music for windows. This program is presenting the facility of recording, printing, generating, printing and play back different type of music including home made music with a clean music notation. This application is able t..
DART CD-Recorder 4.1.34p
The DART CD-Recorder 4.1.34p is the most inexpensive, easiest and quickest software for recording audio and improving sound. With this system one can simply record sound from Mini Dis, tape and from further records too. This program supports Microsoft Windows Media and MP3 formats. This application ..
Visual Music 1.1
The Visual Music 1.1 is the software for playing musical instruments in the computer. This software also gives the facility of recording, editing and saving the playing music in to a file. One can easily use it and play all instruments by synthesizer keyboard because of its very simple scripting lan..
EasyRecorder 5.5.3
The EasyRecorder 5.5.3 is the software for recording sound with maintaining quality. This smart sound recorder software is able to record and save any sound as MP3 format. You just need the sound which can be played easily by the sound card of computer. This tool can be matched very straightforwardl..
DePopper 2.2
The DePopper 2.2 is the audio software with multiple features and facilities. This software provides the same quality to vinyl disks like the CD. One can use it for minimizing scratches, hiss and clicks without eliminating treble sounds. Removing 50Hz and 60 Hz interferences and normalizing frequenc..
Wave Splitter 2.10
The Wave Splitter 2.10 is the software for extracting a sample from a .wav file without loading it in to memory. This gratis software is having the ability of matching with most of all windows platforms like Windows NT, 98, 95, XP and 2000. With this tool one can extract a sample file without worryi..
Media Search 3
The Media Search 3 is the software for finding MPEG, MP3, AVI and any other video or music file on the Web. This software is also having the aptitude for finding different software or document on the Internet. This fully configurable utility comes with highly developed Internet download manager. One..
MixVibes Producer 7
The MixVibes Producer 7 software is supported by DVS technology. This software is having the facility of spinning the digital media files such as Audio CDs, WMA, OGG, AIFF, WAV and MP3 from computer system with vinyl decks or CD. For doing this user require just a computer and an audio mediator like..
Tactile12000 2.1
The Tactile12000 2.1 is the 3D simulation of DJ setup software based on QuickTime. This software is having a mixer and two virtual turntables. It will let you do back-spin, slow down, speed up and cross-fade music. One can also give these all effects to the full length MP3 and WAV files by the Tacti..
Audio Tools Pro 5.11
The Audio Tools Pro 5.11 software is a mark and click set of creation calculators and utilities. This software is mainly required while generating music. This application gives system assistance to effect processors like reverb, delay and lots others. It is also having lots other features such as ta..
All Sound Recorder XP 2.30
The All Sound Recorder XP 2.30 is the software for recording sound which is played by sound card. It can also record the sound played by all other sources such as VCR, Telephone, DVD, microphone, Data CD and lots other. This program can also grab any sound from game, movies and many other things. Th..
Advanced Encode Decode Tools 1.065
The Advanced Encode Decode Tools 1.065 is the software with very exclusive AC3 decoder and Hi-Fi sound compression algorithms. This program is having the ability of converting audio files between MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA and WAV PCM format with the support of ID3 tags. One can also decodes AC3 format fi..
Expstudio Audio Editor Free 4.31
The Expstudio Audio Editor Free 4.31 is very prevailing audio software with multiple facilities and high-tech features. This software will enables you editing of any audio files like a simple text files and display it in a waveform of window. With this tool one can also record novel audio files from..
MadTracker 2.6.1
The MadTracker 2.6.1 is the software for composing music. This software makes the smallest path among sound and imagination for it. This composing tool is based on the concept of trackers. With this application you will get intuitive and clean interface which will enables very efficient and powerful..
TurboBass Express 6.01b
The TurboBass Express 6.01b is the defined software particularly developed for designing a loudspeaker cabinet which can be tuned to cope with road noise, perform the confines of a car boot and internal pressure. This is the single software which is able to execute this precise task. For working on ..
RIA-Media Viewer 1.4.3
The RIA-Media Viewer 1.4.3 is media viewer software. With it you can easily outlook for video, text, photo, fonts and other viewer. This software is having support for all novel image formats. One will also get support for the entire formats such as CUT, PCD, RAW, TIF, SGI, MP3, XML, HTML, SWF, PDF,..
Audio Zone Trigger 1.6
The Audio Zone Trigger 1.6 is the software for detecting sound. This software can take live audio from any input source and allow pc to respond for it as like you have specified in software. With it you can set any much Triggers which can react for a big number of user-defined reaction such as run a..
MixPad Audio Mixer 1.14
The MixPad Audio Mixer is the software for multi-track audio mixing specially designed for producing processional audio. It can also be very useful at small home projects in further. This software will enables recording or loading audio clips and mixing them mutually. With this tool you can adjust v..
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