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People are storing lots of useful information on their computer and if the computer crash then in most cases the useful data may be lost parentally. To avoid this type of mishaps it is better to back up the important data. But how you are going to back up the computer data? It is very easy to back up any computer data with the Backup software. There are numbers of Backup software available in the market. Either you spend hours spending sleepless nights on the net and find the Backup software or you can look below to find the most popular Backup software. You can find both paid ware and freeware Backup software. Selecting the best Backup software for your need is not a rocket science. You can review and see which one of Backup software fulfill your demands. However you may consider some of the points before selecting the particular Backup software. First of all the Backup software you are interested must be compatible with your operating system. If you have the old window 98 and your Backup software is compatible with only window 2000 and above then you won’t get the desire back up of your data. Find best Backup software with latest features from our list of Backup software below.

All Image version 1.2.1
Create image files of any disks and backup disks. Save the image file compressed, uncompressed or as a customizable self-extracting EXE using a wizard-like interface. Mount image files to drive letters using the virtual drive manager. Create bootable USB Flash drives to replace your bootable floppy..
Backup to DVD/CD 5.1.197
" Backup to DVD/CD does everything you expect in a backup program, like selecting folders and files, compressing files, and spanning backup discs, and much more. Additional features include: option to make backups readable with Windows Explorer, or the ""open file"" option in your favorite program. ..
Backup-2006 Studio
"Because one method is not enough Backup-2006 Studio includes classic backup module, synchronization and disk image. It can backup any folder to any destination (network drive, USB external disk..) It comes with its own DVD burner diver. You can schedule backup, synchronization, disk image or partit..
AKGBackup 2
AKGBackup is a multi-platform compatible backup program that is written entirely in Java. It is a utility for backing up your files, with an option to compress data, on a different hard disk drive, floppies, different partition of the same disk drive or any media an operating system can write to. Af..
SOS Online Backup
SOS Online Backup with exist defends provides continuous online backup of every one your files even open files. Unlimited file versions, worldwide nomadic right to utilize to every one your computers use just a Web browser and let you divide your files with anybody with an email address with one cli..
Recuva 1.06.132
Recuva is a freeware Windows efficacy to restore files that have been by chance deleted from your computer. This includes files emptied from the Recycle bin as glowing as images and additional files that have been delete by user error from digital camera memory cards or players...
Recuva 1.09.190
Recuva is gratis for both profitable and individual utilize. It will even carry back documentations that have been deleted by bug, crash and virus. It is providing straightforward to utilize interface just click Scan and decide the documentations you desire to get better, renovate each and every one..
Acronis True Image Home 11
Acronis True Image Home 11 is the most controlling consumer imaging program and also great backup and protection suite. To use this fantastic software user can restore individual files and folders from a full image within the major program, perform a speedy system state backup, and there's better cl..
Safe Data Backup 1.3
Safe Data Backup protects your valuable data. This software is simply back up your data to a DVD, CD, USB memory stick, local drive and many more. it has so many features like, Backup to CD or DVD, Supports local and network drives, AES 256 encrypted backups, Compressed ZIP backup, Remote backup via..
Migo PC BackUp Pro 8.0
Migo PC BackUp is the perfect resolution for protecting your photo memories, family movies, and essential documents. With a host of controlling and flexible features, it takes the hassle out of making backups. It provides flexible options for backing up your data as well as preset or custom backup p..
Migo Digital Backup 3
Migo Digital Backup 3 Premium delivers simple, consistent, automatic and constant security for all of your most valued digital assets. It supplies numerous useful preset backup plans, as well as options for customizing a method that suits your specific requirements for backup your digital memories. ..
Roxio Digital Media Archive
Roxio DigitalMedia Archive, the first Blu-ray-capable archiving solution for home entertainment center PCs. It is comprehensible yet complete digital media protection solution. With this software you can effortlessly secure your valued photos, videos, music, and documents right from your remote cont..
BullGuard Backup 8.0
BullGuard Backup help users to schedule automatic online and/or local backups of key documents such as email files, photos and music. With BullGuard Backup users can effortlessly set up, schedule and organize their backups. It will automatically start on backup profiles to run when the computer is i..
Cyberscrub Backup
CyberScrub BackUp software is an efficient solution in backing up any type of files stored in your computer hard drive. It saves specific backup or sync instructions within a Task. It provides simple to use, One-Click Backups to protect your valuable data. With this software, you will be able to sto..
Acronis True Image 11 Home
Acronis True Image 11 Home is an amazing tool for anyone who is serious about backing up the files stored on their computer. It gives the greatest flexibility to guarantee you are sufficiently protected and can recover from unexpected events such as viruses, unbalanced software downloads, and hard d..
Backup Plus
The Backup Plus is powerful backup software. The easiest way to backup your most significant information to just concerning whichever kind of detachable media containing JAZ, Floppy Disk, CDR/CDRW, ZIP media and further. The Backup Plus contains fitted wizards to get you in progress with making your..
Comodo BackUp
Comodo BackUp is an automatic file backup and recovery program. It is an uncomplicated and commanding utility that allows users to speedily and simply make backup copies of critical files. Comodo BackUp makes it simple to automatically back up your documents, folders, and other important data to net..
Avanquest Perfect Image Professional
Perfect Image Professional is a solution for creating and restoring images of hard drives on a single system. This software makes an exact copy of your hard disk and lets you immediately restore the entire machine including operating system, applications and all data in the event of a fatal system c..
Easy CD Clone 1.1
Easy CD Clone copies your original CD to an unfilled CD for backup purpose. It's a small but very helpful program. It's also simple to use. CD Clone can clone all kinds of CD discs, and the cloned copy would be the similar as the unique one. The program supports data, video, audio, and other types o..
Symantec Backup Exec for Windows Servers
Symantec Backup Exec for Windows Servers is the Windows data recovery providing constant, gainful, high-performance, and specialized disk-to-disk-to-tape backup and recovery. With this software you can recover significant data in seconds with new, improved guard for Microsoft Applications. This sof..
Symantec Backup Exec for NetWare Servers
Symantec Backup Exec for NetWare Servers delivers the newest backup and restores technology that supply certified, robust and comprehensible data protection. It delivers the most recent backup and restores technology for speedily, consistently and plainly protecting server and workstation data. Its ..
Xdrive Desktop 5.1.155
Xdrive gives you 5GB of Free protected online storage to protect, handle, and access your photos, music, and videos from anywhere. This desktop software join together seamlessly with your computer. This software speedily transfers large files and entire folders using drag and drop from your PC. Or s..
Cobian Backup
Cobian Backup is a multi-threaded application that can be used to schedule and backup your files and directories from their unique location to other directories/drives in the same computer or other computer in your network. The program uses very few resources and can be running on the background on ..
Memeo AutoBackup 3.50.3429
Memeo AutoBackup is an easy backup solution for a multifaceted digital world. You can set it up and begin protecting your most important files in only 60 seconds. This software’s SmartPicks automatically finds common items, such as photos, no matter where they are located on your computer and adds t..
AISBackup 2.6
AISBackup offer a controlled backup of data and the Operating System of Windows PC's and Server's to CD, Internal, DVD, and External Disk drives, Networked drives, FTP Servers and all other media that looks like a disk to Windows. This software is capable of backing up everything. It can maintain th..
Acronis True Image Workstation Echo 9.5
Acronis True Image Echo Workstation is an awesome backup program for any office. It backs up data on standalone PCs as well as any machine on a network. This software creates an exact disk image of your office desktop and allows you to backup key data files and folders. With True Image, you can impl..
Double Image 5.0.38
Double Image 5.0.38 is great disc back up software. This software is also copy files to-from other file systems like Linux and NAS devices. Double Image executes organization and renovate. This software is extremely helpful to you to backup disk to disk. You can simply backup your local drives, netw..
MozBackup 1.4.8
The MozBackup 1.4.8 is the very useful software for generating backups. This application can take backups of Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape profiles. This software is very easy to use and install. It is having very easy interface with very simple using system. You can take back up..
Casper 5
The Casper 5 is the software for taking total bootable backup of the computer system. This software is able to improve hard disk snap of Vista, XP and 2000 versions of windows very easily. This program is having lots of high-tech facilities like copying feature in the background at same time of work..
Autobackup-Pro 3.2
The Autobackup-PRO 3.2 is the software for taking the backup of all important files in you computer system. You just have to specify the important directories to it and it will automatically make backup for each and every modified file on daily or weekly base as per your need. This software is havin..
Recover4all 2.32
The Recover4all 2.32 is exclusive backup software for recovering the deleted files. With this software you can get or undelete all files which were deleted by motive or by mistake under Windows. This program can obtain the file whether it is in recycle bin or not. You can get all directly deleted fi..
Image for Windows 2.24
The Image for Windows 2.24 is an powerful and dependable drive image backup software. You can restore drive image by this backup software. With this software you can also make a backup of all your HDD data to other outer drives like USB. The Image for Windows 2.24 backup software runs on all windows..
Everyday Auto Backup 1.10
The Everyday Auto Backup 1.10 is very user-friendly software for taking back up automatically. It will take back up of each file which you have added for backup project. Once it created then whenever you modify or change the backup project this software will instantly create the list of daily tasks ..
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