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Church is a charitable institute. Peoples faiths are attach to it. So, it is utmost important that the financial management should be very transparent. There are churches that receive million of dollars per year as a donation from world over. To manage such a huge transaction it is vital that every church should use Church accounting software to maintain and manage their financial transactions. Church accounting software is very versatile and can be used for small village churches to large city churches. Church accounting software tracks every financial transaction that takes place during the particular financial year. Church accounting software is slightly different than the most business accounting software. The main difference is all the businesses main intention is profit making while the churches are non profit institutions with sole purpose of serving the people. Church accounting software are designed by many accounting professionals. The operating of most of the Church accounting software are so easy that even a layman without the knowledge of accountancy can enter the data and get the results. Following are some of the most popular Church accounting software available for download. If in doubt about certain Church accounting software then it is advisable to first install the trial version and get experience with the particular Church accounting software. You can find the best Church accounting software with review and features below.

Assist 5.0
The Assist 5.0 is good church software to track finances, attendance, membership, prospects, and contributions is currently simpler with this software. It is supported by present or earlier church staff members or pastors. You will be capable to perform things more rapidly and with much superior ef..
ChurchTrac 2008
The ChurchTrac 2008 is a powerful church ministry software database. You can utilize it to keep track of your contributions, membership, attendance, groups, and further. It is user-friendly church membership software to mange your church financial plan. Evaluate providing trends with donation statem..
TimeGain 15.4.0306
The TimeGain 15.4.0306 is absolutely automated and powerful account administration software. It is greatly planned for churches, schools, management corporations, clubs organizations, rental commerce, marinas, rental corporations, alarm monitoring corporations, parking garages, and storage unit corp..
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