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First it was floppy disc then it is Compact disc (CD) and now DVD for storing the digital data. The main advantage of DVD is it can store many gigabits of data in a single DVD. But the disadvantage is you must have DVD Copy software in order to copy the data on DVD. There are some free DVD Copy software that are not reliable and if you use it then you may encounter problems while playback the copied DVD. The technology of copying the DVD is new and much complicated. Below you will find the list of some reliable, free and shareware DVD Copy software. You can download your selected DVD Copy software to your computer. Most DVD Copy software can copy computer data, audio data and video data. But there are some DVD Copy software that first encode the DVD data and then copy it. For this type of DVD, you must have a suitable codec to play it in a windows media player. You can copy the original DVD in to the hard disc or you can copy the original DVD in to another DVD. Last application is use to copy the back up DVD. Remember that unauthorized copy of any copyrighted DVD is a punishable crime. You can find the best DVD Copy software with review and features below.

Acala DVD Copy 2.5.4
Acala DVD Copy backs up your favorite DVD movies to new copy for saving unique disc with no superiority loss, remains the original picture great. Its intuitive design makes it to be a one click DVD backup solution program. With Acala DVD Copy, you do not have to learn any basic DVD movie knowledge. ..
Roxio Easy DVD Copy
Easy DVD copy is a great tool which allows you to make a backup copy of DVD movies that you own. Roxio Easy DVD Copy is the speedy, user-friendly software for consistently copying music, movies, photos and data discs onto DVD or CD. This software is is the right mixture of high consistency, immovabi..
CyberLink PowerDVD Copy 1.0
CyberLink PowerDVD copy 1.0 is one-step dvd-to-dvd copying software. This software provides a preview function and simple customization of titles, subtitles, and languages. PowerDVD Copy is also friendly with a wide range of DVD burners guarantee that users can make ideal disc copies. To use this so..
Ideal DVD Copy 3.1.1
The Ideal DVD Copy 3.1.1 is well-organized and easy DVD copy software. You can copy whichever DVD film to empty DVD. It can copy whichever DVD with no whichever loss of excellence or shrivel DVD9 to well on a 4.7GB disc. It saves your cash on purchasing the frequent DVDs. The Ideal DVD Copy 3.1.1 ca..
Corel DVD Copy 6
Corel® DVD Copy 6 is simple to use and speedy DVD Copying and Video Conversion software. It makes it simple to speedily copy and burn DVDs and video in three simple steps. With this software you can compile your favorite videos and TV shows onto a DVD with menus. DVD Copy 6 supports converting to an..
One-click CD/DVD Copy 1.12
The One-click CD/DVD Copy 1.12 is the software for copying audio CD, DVD movies and all other DVDs and CDs. With it you can make true copy for all stuff on blank DVD, CD or hard drive by just simple clicking in the Windows Explorer. This software is having support for all type of DVD and CD disks to..
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