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The term Multimedia is so common that most of the people have hears it, but very few people know its real capabilities. If you want to define the Multimedia, then you have to refer the oxford dictionary. But for layman multimedia mans presentation with the use of multiple media like sound, video, pictures, graphics and many more. To work with multimedia you should have Multimedia software. There are many suits that have complete sets of different Multimedia software. There are many Multimedia software which can be use for only one application. Below is the list of many Multimedia software suits and Multimedia software for particular application. Knowing or understanding the Multimedia software is not enough for a good presentation. You must be creative in order to create professional grade Multimedia presentation. Corel draw suits like Multimedia software are very costly and for the beginners it is recommended to use less expensive Multimedia software and when they become confident then they can shift to more expensive and advanced Multimedia software. You can create almost any types of presentation with the help of Multimedia software. For example movie trailer, video games, animated website or animated films, e- greeting cards, logo designing and many more. You can find the best Multimedia software with review and features below.

NeoBook Professional Multimedia 5.5.2
NeoBook is a powerful multimedia authoring system for creating interactive presentations, catalogs, CD interfaces, newsletters, e-books, training materials, calculators, utilities, and many other types of custom applications. Combine images, sound, video, text, animation, database content, special e..
ScreenFlow 1.1
The ScreenFlow 1.1 is powerful and commanding multimedia software. The user can make wonderful screen soundtracks on your Mac. You will be generating an unbelievable screen casts in no occasion. Utilizing a distinctive novel monitor capture system, influential sufficient to capture the contented of ..
JetPhoto Studio 3.0.1
The JetPhoto Studio 3.0.1 is easy-to-use & feature-rich multimedia software. It is individual digital photo administration software. This software used to find, edit, transfer, systematize, share, and print pictures. It offers user-friendly tools to assist user to professionally arrange digital phot..
Autodesk Combustion 2008
Autodesk Combustion 2008 software offer a new generation of artists with a controlling range of desktop visual effects tools. The comprehensible interface, non-destructive workflow, and broad toolset help you bring your imagination to life while getting your work done quicker. It provides motion gra..
Sony Vegas Pro 8
The Vegas Pro software offers an integrated environment for all phases of specialized video, DVD, audio, and broadcast production, with the whole thing necessary to let you edit and process DV, HDV, SD/HD-SDI, AVCHD, and all XDCAM formats in real time, fine-tune audio with accuracy, and author surro..
Sony ACID Pro 6
ACID Pro 6 software is a specialized Digital Audio Workstation for creation, mixing, recording, and arranging audio and MIDI tracks. It is a very popular loop-based music production application. ACID Pro 6 provides superior features to record, create, mix and arrange audio and music compositions. It..
Sony DVD Architect Studio 4.5
Sony DVD Architect Studio 4.5 is the simple way to create professional-looking DVDs on your home computer. With this marvelous software you can simply make even stunning widescreen productions, on your home computer. This software provides endless options for designing your own menus and buttons. It..
Sony CD Architect 5.2
Sony CD Architect 5.2 software gives you the flexibility you need to professionally master in your CD making. This software provides the most specific audio CD mastering and burning tools. It also convert your preferred MP3s to WAV on the fly, burn new audio CD's, and listen to them anywhere. It su..
SmithMicro DTV4PC
DTV4PC is an exciting software program which turns the computer into a digital entertainment center. It provides an innovative way to find and watch TV from virtually anywhere, whether in the comfort of the home, office, hotel room or even the airport. You can turn your PC into an entire digital ent..
BluffTitler DX9 7.5.1
The BluffTitler DX9 7.5.1 is the software for wiping and tilting 3D videos and pictures. It is an effect application with the capability of generating 3D text animations. This software also shows the final result of created action at a time the work has completed. With this software one can create l..
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