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Power Center 2.12
The Power Center 2.12 is a powerful battery management software that approximations the quantity of time your battery has left to run. It also approximations the percentage of power left in the battery. You can obtain informed at whatever time the battery is lower than a definite percentage, at a pr..
Auto Power Manager 1
The Auto Power Manager is powerful and functional power management software. It contains tow features such as power off and power on. This two joint together can create your machine running according to your job timetable. Auto Power manager 1 synchronize your personal computer system with your job ..
Auto Shutdown Manager
The Auto Shutdown Manager power management software permits an intelligent auto shutdown for example Standby, Hibernate, Restart, Power off, Wake-Up, Log Off, Wake on Lan, control PC usage by time, protocol and analyze all up and down times, and hard power down by given time. It also saves u..
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