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There are basically two types of operating system that are very popular. One is the window operating system and other is Linux operating system. Below, you will find Server software for both operating systems. There are multiple use for the different Server software. Depending upon the usage, Server software are classified. Like for example if you want Server software that helps you in transferring files then you have to download FTP Server software. Similarly web Server software is used for web page serving and dns Server software is used for converting domain name in to IP numbers. Linux based Server software is far easy to install and operate then Window based Server software. Popularity of Linux Server software is due to Window’s huge license fee. Linux operating system is free. To use Server software you must have the preliminary knowledge of operating systems and the server technology. Server software are specialized software and if you don’t know what you are doing with the Server software then it is advisable that not to use Server software until you master the Server software. Most of the Server software are available without cost but there are some Server software that costs. You can find the best Server software with review and features below.

CMailServer 5.2.2
CMailServer, a mail server for Windows, enables you to send and receive e-mail via the Web and Outlook. It runs on the Internet, intranets, and local area networks. It meets the needs of schools, companies, and government departments' internal LAN construction. CMailServer sends mail directly withou..
VMware Server 1.0.4
VMware Server is a gratis virtualization creation for Linux and Windows servers with venture class carry. It enables company to partition a physical server into manifold practical machines and to begin experience the reimbursement of virtualization. It is vigorous yet straightforward to utilize prod..
Popcorn 1.83
The Popcorn 1.83 is powerful and commanding e-mail client/server software. You are reading e-mail from the POP3 server straight; with no downloading it to a local e-mail box on your personal computer. You can put aside e-mail locally if you desire to. This software perfectly suited for touring e-mai..
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