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If you want to download large file from the internet then you must have P2P file sharing software. The P2P file sharing software is the software that allow user to download the file from other user. It is also called Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing software. Depending upon your use you can download particular P2P file sharing software. There are various P2P file sharing software available on the net. Some of the P2P file sharing software gaining popularity while some P2P file sharing software loose their popularity. Before downloading any P2P file sharing software, you must know that many P2P file sharing software contains different spyware or viruses. The most common type of spyware found in some of the P2P file sharing software is adware. Adware is an advertisement spyware. It will display ads and also collect the history of the browsing and send it to its creator. So, it is the best policy to search for any negative feedback of particular P2P file sharing software you are interested in, now chose the P2P file sharing software and start sharing audio, video and other files with other internet users. You will find the best cheap P2P file sharing software with reviews of features and functions below.

Torrent Swapper
Torrent Swapper is an open sourced friendly peer to peer box file sharing client base on the Bit-torrent protocol that is ideal for elevated velocity distribution of great files that has an essential understanding of person friendships, of consumer tastes in content and of Internet connectivity betw..
BT++ 0.5.4
BT++ is an enhanced config; download multiple files at once, GUI client for the BitTorrent peer to peer sharing explanation. BT++ is on paper, like the official Bit Torrent client, in Python and wxPython for utmost cross platform compatibility. It should employment on any platform that wxPython is o..
Ares Ultra 4
Ares Ultra is the newest version of Ares. It was urbanized in mid 2006 and is tuned specially for downloading MP3s. Particular features comprise automatic filtering of corrupt MP3 files and an integrated play list with shuffle mode, along with a filled technical hold up staff. It is a free open sour..
BitTorrent 6.0
BitTorrent is software client permits you to rapidly download elevated excellence digital content such as music, video and games. Obtainable in more than twenty languages, it leverages our group of people of more than seventy million consumers to safely deliver files to your computer faster than any..
Cabos 0.7.6
Cabos is an open source Gnutella file sharing software base on Limewire and achievement. It is gratis software, with no spy ware and no ad ware and guaranteed. It gives straightforward interface, multi languages hold up, and iTunes, iPod integration. What a pleasant understanding it is to use peer t..
Gnucleus 1.8.6
Gnucleus was the start of a few open source Gnutella connected projects GWeb Cache, GnucDNA, GnucNS. Gnucleus itself is a Windows submission for accessing the Gnutella and G2 systems. One of the primaries released after the foreword of Gnutella in 2000 by Nullsoft. It is also the primary client to c..
It is a java bittorrent client contribution numerous torrents download, queuing, priority system on torrents and files found and end seeding option and immediate right to use to numerous pieces of in sequence about your torrent. It is also features an embedded tracker that is with no trouble set up ..
Burst! 3.1.0b
The Burst! 3.1.0b is a new client for the BitTorrent network. This software uses a customized version of the innovative python client as the back-end. It replaces the front end with an inhabitant Win32 application. The Burst! 3.1.0b is GUI client for the BitTorrent P2P network. This software is free..
BearShare 6.2
The BearShare 6.2 is a commanding peer-to-peer file sharing software. This software permits you to download, publish, search, and share video & audio files. It also lets to familiarity and explores the control of the network where you can access many songs and a good music community immediately. The..
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