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For the requirement of live chat, there are many programs available. Web messenger software is one of the programs that made this possible. Web messenger software is a small software program which runs on your website. Whenever any visitor of your website wants to talk or rather chat with you, the Web messenger software allows the chatting between you and your visitors. Usually for chatting, both parties have to download the messenger type software but with Web messenger software, your visitor does not require to download any software in order to chat with you. Some Web messenger software also offers video chatting or video conferencing facilities also. Apart from the chatting with your website visitors Web messenger software also allows you to chat with your e mail contacts. For some businesses this is very important features. The website that sells something to international market or local market must install Web messenger software to their website. Since chatting with some authority of your company will create a good impression on your prospective clients. Web messenger software is not very costly and there are some free versions with some limitation. You will find the best web messenger software with reviews of features and functions below.

Yahoo Messenger 7.0
Yahoo Messenger is free service software. With it one can watch online friends and also sent instant messages to them. This is the multi skilled software and giving the facility e-mail alert when the new mail comes to user's yahoo personal accounts or yahoo mail. It can also alert you for recorded u..
MSN Messenger (Windows XP) 7.5
The MSN Messenger is the software for doing instantaneous chat online. This software also enables online chat conversation via video, voice and text at the same time with family members or friends. With this software one can also play games, share photos and files, select background as you like and ..
MSN Messenger (Mac OS X)
To take the advantage of the full power of instant messaging is now become very easy by the MSN Messenger for Mac 5.0. This messenger for Mac presents two types of communication services like a corporate account and a personal account. The personal account works on the MSN Messenger service on the M..
MSN Messenger for Mac OS X 5.1.1
The MSN Messenger is the software with multiple features and facilities. With this software all the users will get the freedom of calling anywhere worldwide from the computer, checking that the contacts of your is online or not, seeing that other side of computer some one is typing or not and sendin..
AOL Instant Messenger 4.7
The AOL Instant Messenger 4.7 is the software for communicating with people via private text messages without being a member of an America Online service. With this software one can get lots of beneficial facilities like indication and notification when any business colleagues, friend or family memb..
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) XP/2K 1.0.4
You don't have to be an America Online member to experience the immediate cross-Internet communication made possible by AOL Instant Messenger. This program allows Internet users to communicate via private, personalized text messages, and indicates when friends, family members, and business colleague..
Windows Live Messenger 8.5.1288 Beta
With MSN Messenger you can chatting online right away in genuine occasion with friends, relations and colleagues. It is faster than e-mail, additional circumspect than a phone call. Chat using a web cam, send text mail to mobile phones and articulate yourself instantly online in genuine time with fr..
CustoMess RC2
CustoMess RC2 for MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger is a mechanical installer for excellence MSN emoticons, MSN display pictures, and conversation window background and emoticon fonts. With a minimum of clicks, CustoMess adds your alternative of custom content directly into MSN Messenger 7, 7..
123 Web Messenger 1.2
123 Web Messenger is web browser base instant messaging software for your site, enables one to one chatting to your customers. It brings the site to existence, build it interactive between consumers. It retains associates and increases loyalty of them, so it is ideal explanation to build the group o..
aMSN 0.97
aMSN is a gratis open source MSN Messenger clone, with features such as - Offline Messaging, Voice Clips, exhibit pictures, convention emoticons, Multi verbal communication support, Sign in to additional than one account at once, collection support, Normal and energetic emoticons with sounds and man..
The Skype is application software with great crowded features to assist the users to be in immense touch in contact with associates, relatives and colleagues, to share out the feelings and find the data and information you need. Just for the beginners the user may start with their insta..
Thunderbird is an enormous email client which is used exclusively through the Firefox browser. Thunderbird gives the user a great compilation of systems like IMAP/POP hold up, a integral RSS feeder, support for the highly HTML encrypted emails, also the user are able to requires the range o..
A new official version of Trillian was developed with an endeavor the creation of rebuild connections among the Studios and its consumers. Trillian was broadcasted in the blog format, and a slip foretaste was made on hand by small group of testers. After few months of its develo..
Pidgin 2.5.6
Pidgin 2.5.6 a well recognized version for Pidgin consist of a variety accommodation for effectively get processed on the Windows, Linux, and other UNIX related operating systems. Pidgin 2.5.6 is absolutely free of cost as well it also does not contain any type of advertisement. The every of Pidgin ..
The AIM instant messaging service is broadly used in the community with a millions of peoples. AOL instant Messenger (AIM) software service is a free of charge online accommodation that allow the users correspond with relations, associates and associates in real time. The AIM is a most i..
Yahoo Messenger
Yahoo Messenger is a free service application that allows the user to have the close contact at the time when their acquaintance joins online and to send and receive the messages. Yahoo! Messenger an Instant messaging accommodation permits the users to get quickly exchanged the feelings..
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